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Community Pharmacy 2017

Draconian NHS cuts in the prescription budget, , business rate hikes, increases in the minimum wage – doom, gloom and despondency?

It is a real battlefield. Community pharmacy and particularly the independent sector seems to be assailed on all sides. But it really doesn’t need to be like that?

There are two outcomes – one the ostrich approach and hope that better days lie ahead or radically change and adopt new ways of working.

One of the most important principles in business is not to waste time and energy on matters you cannot affect or change. The priority is to be focused on actions that will increase profitable turnover and over the counter sales that you can control.

In reality there are two ways you can increase profitable turnover – service provision, both NHS and Private, and selling more over the counter.

Migration to a Healthy Living Pharmacy and to the Quality payment pharmacy is a first step. The introduction of new services both Private and NHS the next. Finally, looking at stocking OTC ranges the local competition, both pharmacy and other, do not stock.

Look at your staff. What training do they need? How to sell and the skills to deliver all that the pharmacy will provide

Finally, how do you market these services?

The Pharmacy window can be your most important marketing asset. I see so many pharmacies where the window is cluttered with posters – some current, others well past their relevant date or so tattered they look terrible, more like a scruffy message board than the window to a professional business.

This is where the Healthpoint TV window solution can help your business. Your portal to access the public at large passing your pharmacy every single day. Backed up with Healthpoint TV inside your Pharmacy so while your customer waits you are telling them about your business.

Inaction is not the way. Contact us today