What is Healthpoint TV?

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Healthpoint TV is a digital display promoting products and services within community pharmacies across the UK & Ireland. Pharmacists can now take control of their pharmacy and market it effectively.


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Why Healthpoint TV?

Pharmacy Digital Displays - Professional & Bespoke Marketing - Drive Sales


Broadcasting your message to your customers couldn't be more vital in these challenging times. By implementing the latest technology,  Healthpoint TV is the modern and most dynamic way to achieve that. 

Healthpoint TV promotes your products and services with bespoke tailor-made content, that is unique to your pharmacy. Our product is proven to increase your revenue by double-digits. 

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Promote your products

Promote your own products and services with targeted marketing messages on beautiful HD screens.

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Ahead of Your Competition

Stand-out with and draw attention to your pharmacy with compelling content on large high-bright screens.

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bespoke Content

We design and craft advertisements, specifically for your business, with our dedicated in-house creative team.

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Professional HD Screens - Bespoke Content - In-Store/Store Front - Drive Sales

We Understand

The future of the community pharmacy


With over 60 years of experience and in over 500 pharmacies across the UK & Ireland, The Healthpoint Team has a core understanding of the challenges facing the community pharmacy today, and in the future.

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